Young Persons’ Welfare Officer


The Executive Committee has appointed me, Ruth Evans as Young Person Welfare Officer.


This role includes :

-     making the
Young Person Welfare Policy known to all members, visitors and their guests

-          advising members on any matters related to this policy

-          advising Club officers on any matters needing attention

-          acting as initial contact for any matter of concern raised by a young person or an adult.



Young Person Welfare Policy – The main points.


In this policy, the term young person is used for anyone under the age of 18.


Tata Steel Sailing Club (Margam) recognises that the safety and welfare of young people is paramount and that all young people have a right to protection from abuse of any kind. It is the policy of the Club to safeguard young persons taking part in activities at the Club from any physical, sexual or emotional abuse


General Principles

Club members are asked to be aware of the principles in this policy and to maintain a respect for young people at all times.

Members are asked to avoid being alone with a young person other than their own dependant as far as possible. Members should follow this principle in the changing rooms, and also on the water. The Club’s guidelines for safety cover expect that two persons will crew any craft used as safety cover.



Action in case of concern


Any young person, or any adult, perceiving a possible problem is encouraged to speak in confidence initially to Ruth Evans who will decide whether further steps need to be taken to remove the concern.



Where can I read the Young Person Welfare Policy?


This policy is on the club notice board on the left as you enter the clubhouse.


Please come and ask me if you have any comments or questions.