Tata Steel Sailing Terms and Conditions

Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People

Tata Steel Sailing Club considers the welfare of young people as being fundamental to our basic principles. As such, Ruth Evans, our trained Officer helps us understand our reponsibilities towards young people.

Any young member of the club or visitor who wishes to talk in confidence can talk to the Welfare Officer if they are unhappy with the behavior of another club member or visitor towards them.

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Ruth can be contacted by email (welfare@tatasteelsailing.org.uk) or telephone (01443 227456)

Code of Conduct

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Risk Assessment

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Bio-security warning

We have a non European shrimp at Eglwys Nunnydd Reservoir.

Although completely harmless to humans, it does have a seriously adverse effect on UK freshwater life, eggs etc., in fresh and brackish water.

The following measures have been introduced to minimise the likelihood of sailors and windsurfers spreading this creature to other water catchment areas: Before any dinghy sailor or windsurfer takes their craft away from Tata Steel Sailing Club.

General Data Protection Policy

Data Collection

We collect data from Membership Application Forms. Applicants will receive an email with all information supplied to confirm application details. Applicants are responsible for the security of this email.

Data is sent direct to the Membership Secretary. No data is stored on the website.

The Membership Secretary will transfer the data to the club Membership Database held in a private and secure PC for use for Club Membership Management activities only.

Data Storage

Data will be stored by the Membership Secretary on a private PC. No cloud or other web-based application will be used to store Membership information.

A backup database will be kept up to date by the Membership Secretary to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This may be stored at another location by another Committee Member (It is a requirement of the GDPR to avoid data loss).

Information will not be kept for more than one year after the membership has expired.

Data Use

The Membership Secretary will be the owner of the email distribution list. The list will not be shared with other members, including Committee Members apart from the keeper of the back-up database. All general correspondence to members will come from the Membership Secretary.

Information will not be shared with any third party.

Information will not be be kept for more than one year after the membership has expired.

The Compound Master will be privileged with any information from the Membership Database that enables the application of Compound Management duties only.

The Club will never ask for any financially sensitive information by email or other means.